What are the benefits of installing a VSD?

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A variable speed drive controls motor speed and torque by varying the motor input voltage and frequency. A very close match between motor speed and the output requirements of the machine it is driving may therefore be achieved.

Variable Speed drives offer the user a number of advantages including:

  • Energy savings
  • Elimination of expensive mechanical drive components
  • Increased motor longevity
  • Reduced power line disturbances
  • Reduced risk of motor damage during start up and stop

The energy savings alone can often justify the cost of purchase and installation of a VSD. Unfortunately, most of these advantages may be compromised by poor installation, operation and maintenance practice. To apply a VSD correctly a basic understanding of the following is required:

  • Safe working practices.
  • Understand the place for a VSD in the overall system.
  • How to identify the best VSD for the job.
  • Correct installation and set-up.
  • The VSD user interface.
  • Fault and warning action and processing.
  • Preventative maintenance.

Should you need any assistance in identifying the correct VSD for you, please contact our sales department Directly +27 11 434 1345, we also offer Full Installation and training for your staff.

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