Terms and Conditions of Warranty/Guarantee

Oxford Dictionary Definitions: 

a)  Guarantee: A formal promise or assurance that an obligation will be fulfilled or that something is of a specified quality and A document giving such an undertaking.    

b)  Warranty: An undertaking as to the ownership or quality of a thing sold/ hired. Often accepting responsibility for defects or liability for repairs needed over a specified period.


All SAFTRONICS equipment is guaranteed against faulty components, workmanship and design, fair wear and tear excluded, for a period of 12 months from date of delivery until returned to SAFTRONICS. Our Guarantee/Warranty does not cover any consequential loss, damage or injury, resulting from the failure of our equipment under any circumstances whatsoever.



No travelling costs, including travelling time and direct cost of travel, are covered by our Guarantee/Warranty. All costs incurred through travelling to sites from SAFTRONICS are for the claimant's account. This includes Air, Road or Rail commuting and time.


If it is required by the SAFTRONICS representative to stay overnight due to any delays whatsoever, or as required by the labour laws of the Republic of South Africa, then all accommodation costs will be for the claimant's account. This will be for Bed and Breakfast cost only.


Any claim that requires after hours support is not covered by SAFTRONICS’ Guarantee/Warranty. Saftronics does offer a 24 Hour Service and all after hours call-out will be charged for at Overtime rates.


No semi-conductors are covered by SAFTRONICS’ Guarantee/Warranty, as our suppliers do not guarantee these components, therefore we cannot be held liable to replace these components under our normal Guarantee/Warranty. These products include IGBT’s, SCR, Power Diodes, and Fuses.


All freight charges are for the client’s account. Our Guarantee/Warranty also does not cover any courier service or other fees whatsoever.


     1)  LABOUR

Labour required for rectifying or resolving the defects will not be charged for and will be covered under the Guarantee/Warranty offered by SAFTRONICS. This includes time spent either at SAFTRONICS or on site for the repairs. Time spent waiting on site for whatever reason beyond the control of the SAFTRONICS        representative will not be covered by the Guarantee/Warranty and will be charged for as per SAFTRONICS’ normal Commissioning Rates Schedule.


All SAFTRONICS electronic components on being returned to Saftronics are covered under the Guarantee/Warranty, which includes PC Boards, IC’s, Pulse Transformers, diodes, control transformers, resistors, lights, etc. SAFTRONICS reserves the right to exchange any component or electronic control board at its own discretion provided such failures occurred within the Guarantee/Warranty period.


All payments must be received within 30 Days of invoicing unless expressly agreed to in writing authorised by the Managing Director of SAFTRONICS. Terms and conditions for customers without an account with SAFTRONICS, is strictly COD unless authorised by the Managing Director of SAFTRONICS.


     a)  The selling price is strictly net unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

     b)  In the event of a discount agreement, it shall only be allowed only if payment is received by the due