UPS System

  • R 35,811.00

This system is a 5kVA Solar Inverter which has 0% of the full PV Capacity. And therefore works as a UPS system.

(Offer valid only while stocks lasts)

4 x 200AH Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

1 x 5kVA Growatt inverter.

1 x Battery Connection Box

1 x Wi-fi Dongle for monitoring.

Battery generating Capacity 50% discharge rate 4.8kW/H

Average Hours Consumption @ 700Whr, Total hours operation on Batteries  5-6 Hours based on 50% Discharge 

This Inverter is a Grid- Supported unit. With this system you get a battery back up for +/- 5 hours at 500Whr, and once the grid supply comes back, your batteries will be recharged using the grid supply.

Important to note this system will act as a UPS System, you are able to add PV Panels at a later stage should you want to.

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