5kVA Solar System with 100% PV

  • R 62,250.00

This system is a 5kVA Solar Inverter which has 100% of the full PV Capacity.

(Offer valid only while stocks lasts)

12 x Polycrystalline 330W PV Panels

4 x 200AH Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

1 x 5kVA Growatt inverter.

1 x PV Connection Box

1 x Battery Connection Box

1 x Wi-fi Dongle for monitoring.

This system, will generate 3,9kW/P per day.

Battery generating Capacity 50% discharge rate 4.8kW/H

Average Hours Consumption @ 700Whr, Total hours operation on Batteries  5-6 Hours based on 50% Discharge 

This Inverter is a Grid- Supported unit. With this solar system the grid ends up being used as your back up. If the Grid supply falls away your inverter will still run your load either with the PV (if sun is up) or the Batteries (in the case of evening electricity cuts).

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