Emotron FDU2Y 380V Variable Torque VSD IP20 (0.75kW - 18.5kW)

  • R 6,692.50

Emotron FDU AC drive has been developed to control flow and pressure. It offers efficient and reliable operation of pumps, fans and compressors, reducing energy and maintenance costs. The series covers powers of up to 3,000 kW.

Available in both IP54 certified enclosure as well as IP20/21

FDU48-2Y RANGE is slightly different in that it has no AC or DC Choke Included.

EMOTRON FDU IP20/21 version
Rated power 0,75-160kW
Supply voltage 230-480 V, 3-phase
Rated current 2.5-293 A
Protection class IP20 (optional 21)
Approvals CE, UL/cUL (11-160 kW), EAC, DNV pending

EMOTRON FDU IP54 version

Rated power 0.75-3,000 kW
Supply voltage 230-690 V, 3-phase
Rated current 2.5-3,000 A
Protection class IP54
Approvals CE, UL/cUL, DNV, EAC

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