TDP 0.2 LT-4 Baumer Hubner Tacho Generator

  • R 16,458.75

Rotary Speed Sensor
(DC tachogenerator / twin DC tachogenerator)
for drive, control and measurement technology
in all industries with high demands of ruggedness

HÜBNER LongLife® DC tachogenerators
with their patented silver track have set new standards
in drive technology:
• Speed to voltage characteristic U0(n) with high precision,
even under harsh operating conditions
• Signal generating in real time with very low time constant τA
• Maintenance free during the life time of the ball bearings
• Warranty 2 years within the conditions of the association
of the German Electrical Industry (ZVEI),
ISO 9001 certified


TDP 0.2 LT -4   60V / 1000RPM B10 Flange 11mm SHAFT